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Hey there disciple!

This past week we completed our True Love Waits series with a recap discussion about God’s purposes for sex, related True Love Waits to lyrics of a popular song, and discussed again the role of faith (individual, collective) in helping us on our journey of purity.  We reviewed guidance so we have the proper perspective (God’s vs the world’s) on matters of sexual purity.  God is for you and wants the very best for your life!

Recall, this Wednesday we have off and will be reconnecting on Friday June 18 at 6:30pm for the True Love Ceremony and Celebration at church (yes, in-person).  

God bless you little brothers and sisters.

-bro. martin

BCAN Theme 2021: Jesus Our Savior, LORD, and Example

1 Peter 2:21-24 NIV


Day 1 Holy Partnership!

God has three purposes for sex:

  • #1 Holy Procreation
  • #2 Holy Partnership
  • #3 Holy Pleasure

We reviewed our past discussion about purpose #2, Holy Partnership.  Sex results in a deep bond between two people. This deep bond leaves a lasting impression – for better or for worse. Remember the paper dolls glued together. Pulling them apart causes damage. For us humans, we are made with physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions.  Even if no negative consequences occur in the physical or emotional dimensions when you disobey and dishonor God, there will certainly be spiritual consequences. Often there are indeed emotional consequences, and sometimes even physical. God has a better plan for us.  Holy Partnership results when we do things (sex) God’s way – within the boundaries of love and marriage.  As someone married over 26 years, I can affirm that doing things God’s way in your relationships is not just simpler, it is also happier and more fun (yes, MORE fun!).

Read  Matthew 19:5-6   (a recast of Genesis 2:24 that is reaffirmed in Ephesians 5:31) as a reminder of how seriously God takes intimate relationships.  Holy Partnership should bring out the best in each of us for the sake of ONENESS


Use your imagination. What is one thing you can imagine partnering with your future spouse that would bring God glory?


Day 2 Relationship Status: I let my guard down

We took a look at some lyrics from a popular song from 2020. One line was about a person letting their guard down in a relationship and then getting their feelings hurt rather dramatically.  Putting your trust in someone and then getting hurt can make a person say, “Well what’s the point of waiting then?”  Two things.  First, recall that Christ was betrayed and hurt when He made Himself vulnerable.  Yet, He still loves those who betrayed Him then, and we who (from time to time) betray Him now.  Second, without vulnerability there is no growth. Without risk there is no opportunity.  Letting your guard down shows you trust the other person.  Ultimately though, you should trust God.  If you are doing His will in relationships (and yes, that’s a BIG IF), then you can trust God for the results (even the struggles).

Read Proverbs 3:5-6  as a reminder to trust in the Lord, even when it does not make sense to you

Read 1 John 4:18-19 to better understand the relationship between fear and love.


You already know John 3:16, so you know God loves you.  What is one thing that God has done to demonstrate His love for you – specifically in your life. Not the type of thing like “blesses me with life” that He does for every living person, I mean specifically for you?

Did God demonstrating His love for you make you trust Him more?


Day 3 Faith for your filters and your freedom!

This week we also discussed how faith is needed in your purity journey. Without faith your filters will not work and freedom will slip away from you.  When you trust more and more in the Lord your faith will increase.  Then God will help you filter out more impure thoughts and actions – which in turn will allow you to experience true, longer term freedom.  The world offers expensive counterfeits of the free and genuine things God offers (free because Jesus paid it all, genuine since God’s design is authentic and the highest quality). 

“Our faith” also means that we collectively walk the road of purity.   Others have traveled the road of purity in the past – you can too!

Read Hebrews 12:1  as a word of encouragement that yes we can run this race with other saints!


How does knowing that others have walked in purity help you walk in purity?

What is one thing you can do to stay connected to another disciple of Christ in order to walk the path of purity more carefully and more faithfully? 


Write out your prayer to the Lord asking Him to help you make the pledge for purity during the True Love Waits Ceremony and Celebration:   

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