True love waits – Homework for personal Bible study

Hey there disciple!

This past week we continued our True Love Waits series with a deep dive into God’s Design for purity.  We discussed that in God’s design we are disciples – not dominated by the flesh, the world or the devil.  We Saw that where God reigns, sin does not. And we were reminded that if we really want peace in this world, then we need to seek purity.  Looking forward to connecting with you again on Wed April 14, 7pm (see text for conference call info).   

God bless you little brothers and sisters.

-bro. martin

BCAN Theme 2021: Jesus Our Savior, LORD, and Example

1 Peter 2:21-24 NIV


Day 1 The Power of God or the wrath of God  

The power of God is available to those who believe and follow God’s design. However, for those who choose ungodly living wrath unfortunately is the result. Those who follow God’s design for sex within the two boundaries of love and marriage are able to tap into the great wellspring of life, joy, and peace God offers. That’s awesome!  Those who do sex their own way, twist God’s gift for their prideful purpose and will (as much as it hurts me to write this) suffer the consequences.  That’s awful!

Read  Romans 1:16-20  as a reminder of what God offers to those who follow His design…and what awaits those who do not.  


What do you believe is the connection between not being ashamed of Jesus Christ and receiving the power of God?

Why is no one going to have an excuse if they say, “I didn’t know, God,” when they face Him at the end of their life?


Day 2 Head and heart issues  – Futile thinking, foolish hearts

God’s design for purity results in thoughts and feelings that make God happy. The world’s alternative brings very different results. The world will make its claims to you.  Imagine if the devil came right out and said, “Trust me, I am wiser than you.”  What would your response be?  “Get behind me satan,” is what Jesus said so that is a good reply.  Is that we normally say when we are exposed to or offered something we know dishonors God’s design for sex?

Read Romans 1:21-25to see what God says about those who have futile thinking and foolish hearts.   


List three things people do when they reject God’s design for living?

Why do you think God “gave them over” (1:24) to rejecting Him?  Why not just force them to obey for their own good?


Day 3 Christ paid for your freedom  

You might have seen a sign of bumper sticker saying, “Freedom isn’t free.”  The point generally being made is that you enjoy the benefits of freedom based upon the sacrifice of others. This is true in our country (United States of America) and this is most definitely true in God’s Kingdom. Ultimately our freedom is paid for by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.  Yet, we still do things to disappoint Christ and dim the light of Christ’s glory in this world.  So it is important for us to be grateful to God and non-judgmental to people. We too have fallen short of God’s design for living. Be mindful of the sin in your life, but do not let it get you down.  Think about yourself as a soda bottle. The world consumed you and emptied you out.  But then Jesus paid the price so that you might be redeemed for some future purpose. That’s you, someone God desires to use for His great and future purpose!

Read Romans 3:20-24  for words of encouragement. Your freedom is not free, but Jesus paid it all for you! 


What do you think about that phrase, “Freedom isn’t free.”  How does it make you feel when you see a sign or bumper sticker with this saying?

How does this Scripture in Romans 3:20-24 help you keep a balance between not accepting everyone’s behavior as “fine with God” and yet also not becoming judgmental toward them?


Write out your prayer to God this week for conquering strength to keep your purity pledge:

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