Youth S.t.r.o.n.G. (Soaring teens representing our never-failing God)

Director/Chair:  Brother Martin Dias

Other Leaders: Sister Anna Miranda (weekly study), Sister Nadine Payne (general administration), Sister Mercedees Thompson (community connections and relational influence)

Bible Verses: Isaiah 40:31

Meeting Day & Time: Wednesdays 7:00 pm

Mission Statement:

By God’s grace, success for S.t.r.o.n.G. Ministry is based upon our relationships with God, each other, the Church, and the community. To express our love to God, we will gain knowledge to understand and live out the principles of His word. To express our love for the Body of Christ, we will bond with and serve with youth ministries at other Churches. To express our love for our peers, we will demonstrate a welcoming attitude, as well as be ready to offer them practical advice from God’s word in dealing with issues they face. To express our love to fellow BCAN members, we will develop our spiritual gifts and put them to use in other BCAN ministries. To express our love toward the community, we will serve both senior citizens as well as children through outreach activities.

See here for True Love Waits 2020 instructional material

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