Director/Chair: Sis. Nadine Payne

Other Leaders: Bro. Alton Voisine, Bro. Jonathan Brewer, Bro. John Peters, Sis. Anna Miranda, Sis. Jennifer Cadogan, Sis. Tina Teixeira-Pereira, Sis. Olivia Dias, Sis. Phylicia Dias, Sis. Sara Peters, Bro. Thomas Hunt

Bible Verses: Colossians 3:23-24

Meeting Day & Time: as needed

Mission Statement:

The Usher Ministry is designed to Welcome, Greet and assist the congregation, friends and visitors. To keep interruptions to a minimal and assist with quickness in an emergency without distractions to the service. We greet each individual with a warm, welcoming smile as they are a part of our family in Christ.

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