Fathom – book of Acts – Homework for personal Bible study

Hey there disciple!

This past week we continued our new Bible study series covering the book of Acts called “Fathom.”  The series provides an opportunity to learn about the “Birth of the Church” and the “Spread of the Church.” This week’s lessons was titled, “Power and Persecution” exploring how the Holy Spirit brought power to those first disciples of Christ – even as they faced terrible persecution.    

As mentioned, this series is heavy on Bible reading.  You will spend much of your time in Bible study actually in the Bible. 😊  Each day will not likely take more than 15 minutes.  Stay faithful, for God Who blesses you is faithful.   

Looking forward to connecting with you again on Wed December 2, 7pm (see text for conference call info).   

God bless you little brothers and sisters.

-bro. martin

BCAN Theme 2020: Life together in Christ!

Acts 2:42-47


Day 1 Jailed for Jesus

It’s important to understand the persecution the first disciples of Christ faced if you want to understand how the Church was born

Read  Acts 4:1-3as background for Peter and John’s arrest for preaching the good news of Jesus Christ – in the Temple. Can you imagine being arrested at church?  

Question: How do you think Peter and John felt when they were arrested? In what ways might they have been afraid, angry, and yet also grateful?

Read Acts 4:18-22to understand Peter and John’s response to those persecuting them.


What would your response have been if you face persecution like Peter and John?

What would your prayer to God be in that moment? 


Day 2 Facin’ Unrighteous Indignation

We “the people” in the Church have a role to play (with God) to defend those who are abused by those in power.

Read Acts 5:17-20as background on how Peter and John again faced persecution from those in power. We see also that God had a different plan for Peter and John.   

Read Acts 5:25-26 as background for how “the people” also played a role in keeping Peter and John from danger.


  • What role did God play in defending Peter and John?
  • What role did “the people” play in defending Peter and John?
  • What could you do in current times to defend those persecuted like the people defended Peter and John?


Day 3 Set up (and suffering) for the Savior!  

The devil wants to destroy God’s work and sometimes gets even the “religious” to do his dirty-devil work for him. Yet, we should be faithful and forgiving as Stephen was. God rewarded Stephen greatly for his sacrifice. Check it out!

Read Acts 6:8-15 as background on the response to Stephen’s message by those in power – and Stephen’s initial reply to their fury.

Read Acts 7:54-60as context for the final persecution Stephen faced – and how God blessed him with one final revelation and one final provision.


  • What did Stephen see that greatly encouraged him in his final moments?
  • What did Stephen say that greatly upset those of the Council (v56)? Why do you think they got so angry? 
  • What did Stephen say in his final moments (v59-60)?  What can we learn from Stephen’s example that will instruct us in current times when we face obstacles from those in power who don’t follow Jesus?


Wondrous God we know You ache for those we have suffered in Your name. We pray for the comfort only You can provide to be upon those or suffering now for Your name. Help those in power to show mercy to Your people and turn their hearts tear righteousness and justice in love. Move our hearts so that we show mercy and compassion to those in our own community who suffer because of their beliefs, gender, race, or ethnicity. Help us stand with those who are struggling. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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