Midweek Prayer/Bible Study

Remember that Baptist Church of All Nations has a weekly Bible Study for both adults and teenagers.

If you are 13-17 come to the stronG(soaring teens representing our never-failing God) Ministry Bible Study you will experience an amazing Bible Study, lead by the Youth Director, that lets us really get into the Word of God as well as some games and a Movie Night once in a while. Bible Study starts at 7 pm.

Right now the stronG Ministry is learning how to become a better leader in the church:  Seven Levels of Discipleship

If you are 18+ then come to the Midweek Prayer and adult Bible Study and experience lessons taught by the Pastor as he gets into the Word of God and you get more background knowledge of Biblical stories. Bible Study at 7 pm.

Right now the adult class is learning from 1st and 2nd Corinthians about Evangelism.